Save Our Lagoon

Elect Jack Smink in 2014
for District 2
Brevard County Commissioner
(No Party Affiliation)

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Jack Smink is a Fiscal Conservative with a Common Sense Approach to:

Smaller Government
Citizen's Rights
Quality Control
Economic & Cultural Development

Jack has been a Brevard County resident since 1965. He married high school sweetheart, Karen, in 1979 and together they raised their two children in the Rockledge area.
Over 35 years experience as a Business Owner & Upper Management Experience
Served on the Board for South Area Parks and Recreation of Brevard
Contributed to non-profit 501C3 fund raising projects in Brevard County
A Member of Cocoa Beach Area Chamber of Commerce
Jack is a "Proud Rotarian"
Jack Smink is Committed to the future of Brevard County

My Platform

My commitment will be to Brevard County and its citizens.
To apply a common sense approach to every issue brought before me. I will make sound decisions by applying a strategic approach to long term planning for sound economic growth.

It is my belief that we, as Brevardians, are blessed with an abundance of diverse cultural resources. If we utilize those resources often, answers to difficult issues can be discovered. Sometimes all the knowledge needed is right in front of us. I will never hesitate to ask experienced professional and local citizens’ opinions when researching for an answer. I will also work with Federal and State Legislative Representatives to minimize the financial impacts of unfunded mandates.

Along with this common sense approach, transparency is crucial in my process of decision making. Transparency can be a very effective tool in finding common ground with other decision makers. It also further clarifies issues in a way that minimizes bad decisions which in the long run save the taxpayers resources and provides a clear resolve to the community. The old adage measure twice and cut once still rings true.

It is my implementation of these two principles that I believe will empower me to make good, sound decisions, impacting our community with a productive balance of minimum taxes, smaller government, economic and cultural development while strengthening our citizen’s rights.

No Party Affiliation

I filed to run for the 2014 County Commission District 2 seat in July of 2012 – nearly two years ago. At that time, I put my business and life on hold in order to prepare myself to make a difference when elected. During that time, I have met with county department heads and have spent countless hours going over budget and county issues with these leaders. I was quite surprised when they told me that no other candidate, ever, has done what I have done – asked for and followed through with these meetings.

Here is my dilemma: Unless I either completely support all of the beliefs of the Tea Party, or beg for the support of the establishment’s power brokers, I will not receive any monetary or personal support. I believe that if I could isolate any one of the other four candidates one to one, I would be able to compete and win on my principled common sense approach to the issues. Because the pie is so fragmented ,by the Tea Party, the establishment influence, and, of course, the fundraising.

Regrettably, the only choice I have to isolate this race down to one candidate is to change my party affiliation to No Party Affiliation. Unfortunately, in my opinion, Ronald Reagan himself would not be accepting of this scenario, much like me.
Skill Sets:
Motivated – relishes opportunities that are challenging
Possesses excellent communication skills
Ability to function effectively in a semi-autonomous fashion
Extensive network of local contacts
Ability to quickly and efficiently identify and establish a network of internal and external contacts
Possesses strong customer negotiation and problem solving skills
Possesses strong personnel management and personnel productivity skills
Possess strong motivational skills
With strong communication skills, please allow me to note that one of my greatest strengths is to build relationships within and outside an organization.
When You Think Real Common Sense Fiscal Conservative

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